Eat Local Miami 

10070 SW 57th Ave
Miami, FL 33156

When I came into work boasting about this tiny, but charming little roadside fruit stand, I couldn’t believe how many people had known about this gem. Where had I been—under a rock? No, truth be told, the people who know of it are locals from the neighborhood. Its faithful customers, parents and kids from neighbor Pinecrest Elementary, wait eagerly in line for their famous strawberry shakes. My God they’re good! All natural, thick and creamy!

For a few bucks you can savor an icy snow cone in all kinds of neat flavor combos or have quick picnic and watch the cars go by. Although Miami’s weather can get too hot to enjoy the outdoors at times, one sip of their strawberry shake or my favorite, the carrot-orange juice can turn Miami’s often unbearable heat into one fabulous and cool afternoon.