Eat Local Miami 

7501 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33138

Having come back from a month in California, I was a bit sad to leave all the deliciously fabulous Mexican joints behind. But there is nothing to fear after this weekend’s brush with pure yumminess right here in the 305. And I’m not talking about Fresh Mex, or Tex Mex, I’m not even asking you to think outside the bun. When you’ve hit the crappy Mexican food wall in Miami, don’t lose faith just come to Verdaddy’s.

It may not be authentic. It may not even look like a Mexican restaurant having been at one point a KFC, but this place is one thing for sure: tasty.

The interior of Verdaddy’s is incredibly void of any décor, in fact other than the menu board and the special; hand drawn on paper an taped to the wall, I don’t recall any specific details of the dining room at all. Amidst the old school hip-hop blaring on the radio, the friendly staff made up of the owner and his down-to-earth crew, the food is something I do recall—vividly.

The food at Verdaddy’s is where its at. For this review, I ordered a few of the different specialties that they prepare. My favorite item on the menu is the Fish Tacos.  Starting with their house made tortillas, they are over-stuffed with crispy golden brown pieces of deep fried fish, lettuce, pico de gallo, and their creamy rich white sauce. It’s served with a couple of lemon wedges and a squeeze bottle of the red or green sauce. Be prepared to drip this all over your shirt as it is so wonderfully indulgent you won’t even bother to stop and clean up ‘til it’s gone. The combination of flavors and texture in this taco will have you wanting for more.

And the chicken quesadilla is over the top. What could be more perfect than hunks of pure white meat; nestled in two house made tortillas and stuffed with the classic taco fillings of shredded lettuce and pico de gallo? I don’t know either.

If you’re finally done with Taco Bell (I pray you are) and ready for something fast, delicious and filling, come to Verdaddy’s for some fabulous eats. And if you want my advice: come alone so you don’t have to share!

27 N Krome Ave.
Homestead, FL 33030

I don’t know about you, but when I have mentioned to people that I’m going out for some Mexican food, I always get the same answer-- “There’s no good Mexican food around here… Well, maybe Chevy’s I guess…”

Um. Yeah. No.

Everyone is wrong. There are some fabulous places where one can get some authentic Mexican grub. A small trek to Casita Tejas in Homestead will have your taste buds thanking you for the culinary fiesta!

My friend Wendy and I arrived during lunch hour on Sunday and took a seat in this sunny, sunflower themed restaurant. The interior of Casita Tejas is small, but adequate.

We waited a few minutes and our server came with a basket of chips and a small bowl of salsa. The chips were fragrant and slightly warm. The salsa was chunky, fresh and had a small touch of sweetness to it.

Wendy and I placed our orders and decided to start with some Tamarind soda. We both had to get the Burrito Norteno because it just sounded soooo good on the menu and my God, it was. The burritos were jammed packed with flavor and the sides of rice and beans, a delight. Large portions and everything fresh and flavorful. All in all, my meal was exceptional. I don’t think there was a single molecule of food left on my plate. Although we had eaten everything on our plates, Casita Tejas proved to be a nice place to stay catch up on some much needed girl talk.

After requesting our bill, we continued to munch on the chips and enjoyed the buzz of the place. People were chatting away and you could hear the dulcet tones of a tiny AM radio being played in the kitchen. Our server returned with our bill and a nice surprise. The total for our fabulous eats was a mere $21.00!

As we left Casita Tejas, we were still talking about the burritos. They really were that good. along with the service and atmosphere.

I don’t think Chevy’s stands a prayer.