Eat Local Miami 

8376 SW 40th St
Miami, FL 33155-3355

The first time you enter Kon Chau, you might wonder why in the world I would want you to come. The answer is that despite this place’s grim appearance, its Dim Sum is to die for!  The rickety chairs, the fish tank with only one grey fish in it, and the 3 little toy vending machines make it look cheap. But contrary to appearances, Kon Chau is not to be discarded. Rather, it is an opportunity to move past the appearance and eat some really good and fresh food.  

The format here is different from most dim sum houses. Unlike most dim sum, which is served only for brunch and usually only on weekends, Kon Chau serves it all day, every day. And rather than choosing small dishes from carts as they go by, here customers order from a paper list. It's dim sum, fast-food style. But while the Dim Sum format is fast and certainly convenient, the quality of the food here far exceeds any fast food I've ever encountered

In fact, Kon Chau  is not just a restaurant that serves good dim sum quickly; it serves great dim sum. The dumplings here are sturdy and tender – not chewy – with clean, fresh flavors. You can taste the morsels of shrimp in the Har Gao (shrimp dumplings, $3) and the ground pork and mushrooms inside the Siu Mai (pork dumplings, $2.50). I drool just thinking about the leek dumplins, $3), a sumpling stuffes with leek and garlic enough to make me weep with joy…God, I love food!

Though the menu here is more limited than a traditional dim sum house, Kon Chau offers most of the popular kinds. And while the fast-food format takes some mental adjustment, I love the fact that dim sum can now be found in Miami outside of weekends and brunch hours. The genial staff of bussers and cashiers is patient and helpful. Everyone whom I have sent to dine there comes out excited about the fresh and fab dim sum.  Don’t fall victim to Miami’s must be flashy-- so it must be good culture… Kon Chau may not be flashy, but it’s fabulously tasty.